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"As the president of an insurance and investment organization broadening operational horizons and our physical footprint of service nationally, I suspected we were in need of a qualified responsive consultant who'd been-there-done-that to keep us on course and nudge our ship in the right heading as needed.

Truth is, I didn't know HOW BADLY our seemingly healthy organization needed that insight, until meeting and learning from Jeremy's expertise. Success can be deceptive, because without Jeremy's unique perspectives and powerful pragmatic support, we'd be stuck leaving "well enough alone" because we were unaware of our potential and most importantly what it takes to fulfill it.

Jeremy took a surgical approach to enhancing our systems, fast-forwarding us toward growth (and avoiding pitfalls and needless roadblocks along the way) and we're thrilled to be able to rely on him. Jeremy's life of hard-earned-lessons will surely pay off by making our staff's lives easier by yielding fruit professionally, and personally...because while Jeremy is a consummate business advisor, he's a great guy that makes endless homework lists and 8-hour boardroom meetings painless!"

  • Aaron Smith